August 23rd, 2006

  • kaifman

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Оказывается, уже Петрарка писал о Преведе, как поняли английские переводчики.

I wol yow telle a tale which that I

Lerned at Padowe of a worthy clerk,

As preved by his wordes and his werk.

He is now deed and nayled in his cheste,

I prey to God so geve his soule reste!

Fraunceys Petrark, the laureat poete,

Highte this clerk, whos rethoryke sweete

Enlumined al Ytaille of Poetrye.


И еще какие-то англичане писали о Преведе!

When th'erl herd him speke so
That he wald batayl fong for him tho
He biheld fot and heved.
Michel he was of bodi pight,
A man he semed of michel might
Ac pouerliche he was biweved.
With a long berd his neb was growe,
Miche wo him thought he hadde ydrowe.
He wende his wit were reved
For he seyd he wald as yern
Fight with that geaunt stern
Bot yif he hadde him preved.